||| tour last week |||

This soap from a hotel room I stayed in last week makes me laugh, it kind of sums up the futile attempts by places to make you feel comfortable and at home when youre away. Why bother? Its not going to work, and nor should it. The loneliness is what I crave and what I re-discovered in some small way last week – constantly moving, constantly on my feet, constantly looking over my shoulder, attempting to look like I know where I am, then gathering the confidence to go play a show each night. It puts you on edge in the best way, makes you crave home whilst leaving you dis-orientated when you reach it.

I enjoyed every gig, playing 4/5 times a week makes you so sharp, until by the last show youre not even playing the songs anymore, they just career out of you, each one like a huge snowball rolling down a hill that you guide from each side with flimsy twigs.



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2 Responses to ||| tour last week |||

  1. andrew says:

    glad to hear it….where u go touring?

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