Brain Freeze or Writers Block H (Brown Wing)

Just a little bit worried about the void in this brain,

no seeing things, few actions, through whiskey no pain.

Wishing not to make anybody sad or any people feel bad,

its just nobody cares about the gift you had.

…And if you do feel sad then I suppose you better had.


What do you do when you’re supposed to be a songwriter?

And you’d rather sleep a good night than pull an all-nighter?

Rather eat a good meal than starve to death,

with venom in the words and pain on the breath?

Cos thats how committed Id like to be,

But at this point im fucked if its in me…


Time to dig up old verses that weren’t good enough before,

find a band to back them with four to the floor.

Give it a name like a matches flame,

Make sure its weak and throwaway and spreads the blame,

between 3 or 4 or these days up to 9,

get up on stage and have a fucking good time.

Wander the streets in the snow with a flask,

nowhere to go, no crony to ask.

Find anything that nourishes a dead-end brain,

like a smiling drunk on a steaming drain.

The romance!! The romance!!! its here!!! I know it!!


Yes The West ends magic but the East ends gone,

to the dogs and the suits, tell the bullies they won.

I heard the word ‘money’ the other day,

got excited for the thought of running away.

To a time where I just meet the randoms,

So little to do we run puzzled in tandem.

To cellars and lofts just please! not the middleground!

…Where 9-8 is not even considered late for fucks sake.

I wanna run out in the middle of a conversation,

because I felt a bird outside attracted by the lamentation.

And never apologise to the person and/or situation.


I’ll take what I need and you do the same,

And if you want to, then throw me under that subway train.

Test me to see if I still have the fight left.

Remind me…


Today we don’t see the pictures, the spider webs, the fray,

And nobody cares when the gifts gone away…


I should’ve written enough by now to have this shit covered,

but I don’t, so somebody else write some, I cant be bothered.

Just somebody try to step up to the plate?

Lets go! Trip! Fall! Lose our minds on the way!


And if it doesn’t happen soon then its to drugs and drink,

anything that pollutes and inspires a good think.


They say the beatles turned to LSD,

and in this I have to say that I know what they mean.

Sometimes you just need to tear your mind to bits,

take over the world with work you know damn well is shit.

Add the substances label, turn it into a fable,

rack up hits next to lines on your glass coffee table.


Who CARES anyway!! its all for a laugh!!

I just wanna see some flowers along this edge of this path.

Forgive me if I want them to grow as I walk,

And see hearts float into the air when lovers talk.


Today is today I feel calmer and more excited in a way.

Today is today and the bottles only an arms length away.

Today is today and the temperatures a fucking joke!

Today is today and the gift’s…..



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