On honesty (or How to be Nearly Honest)

Please, stay safe.

Honesty isn’t necessary and it’s not for everyone.

Plus…there are ways of fooling people.

All you need to do is get yourself excited and then stop. Speed down the road to your heart with your foot surely resting on the brake. When the goblin gets the okay and pokes his grinning features round the door, push him back into the dark room. Leave your phone ringer on and stay logged in…so when the danger approaches hopefully something will save you. That final push into the earth of your truth is something you should avoid, people don’t really want it and you can still make lots of friends by staying safe.

Read lots of magazines.
Listen to other people’s opinions and encouragement, they will make you feel better.
Listen to your idols! They will give you a road map straight to where you want to be.
Ignore the red hot silence that chills the world to its core when somebody really says something.

There are chains round your wrists, your fingers and your vocal chords; leave them there.
You can still produce content amounting to plenty of megabytes without unlocking them.

There are doors in the corridors of your mind which are closed; leave them that way.
Opening them will only lead to problems.

Your woman doesn’t want to hear what you really think about, your boss doesn’t either.
Revealing yourself fully to either of these parties will result in disaster.
Revealing yourself fully to a stranger could save his life.

The ties between people who do not know each other’s names are made of darkness, not light.

Feigned positivity will please those around you, but will bore those far away from you.

Please, stay safe.

And get working too, you have stuff to produce.


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