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Tropic of Capricorn, Panther edition circa 1966.

40 or so pages in and hes more arrogant and assured this time (if thats possible) – perhaps due to the success of ‘Tropic of Cancer’ ? Plus the location of New York is not nearly as inviting, but its still as addictive as a leftover tray of lasagne in the fridge.

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Its terrifying and exhilirating to read a piece of writing that actually speeds up the heart; not out of some gratuitous use of emotion, sex or violence, but by the vehement breakdown of an incendiary idea; expanded on and danced around with such lucidity that it takes the breath away and leaves in its place a feeling of kinship and dangerous comfort; the comfort beginning to feel dangerous of course, when the idea itself is dangerous.

Millers reverential and white hot diatribe concerning his confused, enslaved idols towards the end of Tropic of Cancer develops over 2-3 astonishing pages to contain contentious thoughts such as his desire for more worldwide cataclysms – ‘more wars, more holocausts’, and yet still manages to warmly endear the reader. True literary courage, even if it is born (as in Millers case) of abandon and loss of hope, is a truly heartwarming thing to behold.

The fear and control imposed by society was rejected with such defiance and power by Miller that his message should ring true for generations to come, whereas his rejection of his homeland and subsequent embrace of squalor are the charming idiosyncracies which we may or may not advocate.

As a strange tortoise-shell feline struts noisily past the open door and my half-hungover head contemplates diving into more of Millers viscious and beautiful discharge, I’ll suggest to you that giving Tropic of Cancer a fortnight of your life; which it will hopefully skewer and turn upside-down, will not be the worst decision you ever make.

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After the happy lawlessness..

…of the carnival this weekend I was afraid my brain might be a tad mangled, but some comfort came last week as I was helped by George Howard to start reconciling art and commerce and I finished a new song too…about a little place near where I live.

Here are the lyrics, which dont work well enough to be printed like a poem, but are anyway. Its quite interesting that writing songs is much easier than writing poems, if a lyric doesnt fit into the meter of the rest of the song then phrasing and other melodic ‘techniques’ sort of naturally come into play so whoevers writing the song can squeeze it in and say what they want. I guess thats what makes songs so much more accessible than poems, and much more Rock n roll of course.

The Market Scene

Only the walking dead drink on The Broadway – been thrown out, been underimpressed, been dismayed…

And I’ve been around, these people have completely lost their way.

And we’re on the brow, of the dirtiest blocks and the food for the cows – stretching between , like a decadent column ‘tween thud and serene.

So leave me out of the market scene, I dont belong here it dont ‘fil my dreams, I just wanna swim the ocean, all I have is this trendy commotion.

I’ve been to the corners of my little world, seen the bathroom, the tiles and the sputum swirl. And I like to breathe when I sit by canals – my own smoke and others, only time for my brothers.

But here theres an air of the frankly obscene, the torturous air of a concience thats clean and dressed up in rags that say ‘party, dismay’ – down to the broadway for a come-down Sunday.

So leave me out of the market scene, I dont belong here it dont ‘fil my dreams, I just wanna swim the ocean, all I have is this trendy commotion. So throw me out in the street, or I’ll jump…’Cos I’d rather be bruised than drink in this dump.

Come to the city and spend all your coin, theres a brash little angel in each of us all, that dares to do away with the day to day, comes to be a star on the market broadway.

In a year they will flock to a different street, might think with their brains, might march with their feet – ‘Clap clap’ you made your own decsion, they had the talk, but you had the vision…

So leave me out of the market scene, I dont belong here it dont ‘fil my dreams, I just wanna swim the ocean, all I have is this trendy commotion. So throw me out in the street, or I’ll jump…’Cos I’d rather be bruised than drink in this dump.

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Above all..

‘Above all, never despair.’ – Henry Miller, Tropic Of Cancer (1961)

The Corner of Richmond and Mare

There are offices made for me and you,

where they love to hear lies, sexy versions of truth.

The guilt will come, but for how longs it lingers,

is the distance from your mouth to the booze in your fingers.

The things that will happen may as well already have,

unless you are willing to make the cuts and stabs.

Either way give time to read and think,

do ‘nothing’ and write in feather and ink.

Gamble only with the money you own or are owed,

or that which others give you if your hand is shown.

Ambition is admired but in itself not worthy of care,

dont delight, enjoy… and never despair.

And stop worrying you fool, it’ll be over ‘fore we know,

and you’ll be glad you didnt relent, give up and go home.

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…I think I may have spent the Bath/Bristol money on a pair of pimped out sneakers.

Bath was wicked, extremely quiet but it was nice to see Moles…and hang out in a city I havent been to since I was wee. Bristol was excellent, thankyou Mr Wolfs, you completed me. Next stop Loughborough in a week, what will I do til then?

Short post, very tired, back soon.

This was inside a cave in Bristol which me and Brucey ended up in.

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love will find a way to make its presence felt… (its a cat shit)

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Sentences and words…clever.

The name for this blog is shit, I’ll change it soon. Or maybe its so obvious that is just works…the way i named my first album ‘Dream Token’ was a long process of slow acceptance rather than a moment of revelation- it was called ‘Dream Token’ long before it was finished, I just had to accept this and realise that any other name would’ve been wrong…..same with my last band ‘Pretty Bricks’ and my new album ‘Jet Black and White’….also my next band – ‘Russell Joslin and The Jacks’… there Ive said it, Ive had that fucking name in my head for months…..(more on that soon)

Perhaps there was a revelation there for that 1st album, its just that revelations are sometimes hard to accept – some amount to nothing more than a passing thought, accomplishing little in real terms…whereas others stick to the conciousness for so long that they can actually be acted upon, and if we’re lucky something’s created.


The album is out in a way, done, dusted….lessons are never truly learnt til the lesson is truly over. Even if a revelation hits you half way through the lesson, the full, dissipated effect wont reach you til the teacher has finished his prepared programme (if he/she is a good teacher that is). The stubborn git that I am ignores revelations and suggestions from those far more qualified in favour of making my own mistakes so I can really learn things. Either way the lesson gets learnt I suppose.

I was thinking….its not fair that the press get a little sheet of paper explaining ‘Jet Black and White’s story (along with a load of crap designed to whet the scribes appetite of course). Im not sure its really cricket to make it viewable to everyone though….maybe soon….

Im hungry, really hungry, this is fun…..


Im not going on tour, a tour is an organised and efficient structure of dates whereby an artist/band can play lots of shows and reach out to music fans outside of their hometown…

But take the words ‘Organised’ and ‘Efficient’ out of that definition and I suppose thats what Im doing. Here are the dates im gonna do starting tomorrow night, all dates will be played solo:

29th July              Beat Root Rendevous @ Old Queens Head (London)

1st Aug                  Moles Music Cafe (Bath)

2nd Aug                Mr Wolfs (Bristol)

10th Aug               The Doghouse (Loughborough)

20th Aug               The Thunderbolt (Bristol)

16th Sept              Half Moon (Bishops Stortford)

22nd Sept            The Rude Shipyard (Sheffield)

23rd Sept             Night And Day Cafe (Manchester) w/ The Wilderness Of Manitoba

30th Sept              The Railway (Winchester) w/ TV Smith


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